Hello guys! Long time I haven't blogging again...
So, in this post, I will tell you some about Edu Passion. Edu Passion is an event which is held on 15th February 2018. In this event, we can get a lot of informations from many various universities and of course various faculties. 
Sometimes, we, as a senior high school student, feel confused or don't know what major that suit with us. Or maybe we are confused about which is the best university for us. So, Edu Passion could help these problems. Why?

In Edu Passion, there were many universities stand, presentation from universities, and many more. Many universities promoted their programs, benefits, etc. 
We could ask many questions like, where it is located, what majors are available there, how to get a scholarship, etc. 

So, here's the vlog from my friends (Hanifa, Naura, Zakiah) and I about edu passion...
ENJOY! >_<


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