Eurasian Beaver

Hi guys! I'm back with my new posting. In this posting, I'll tell and describe you about Eurasian beaver.

Eurasian beaver or European beaver is a species of beaver that live in Eurasia. It is a semi-aquatic species, that means Eurasian beavers don't live in the water, but sometimes they go into the water, such as streams, lake, ponds, and rivers to get some foods or another things that they need. Eurasian beavers also primarily nocturnal. They usually live in swamps.
Below, is the classification of Eurasian Beaver: 
Species:C. fiber
source :

Life Cycle of Eurasian Beaver
        Eurasian beavers are monogamous and only one pair of beaver breeds per colony. Eurasian beaver pairs breed once yearly. And the breeding season is from January to February. The gestation period of Eurasian beaver is about 60-128 days. Eurasian beavers live in a small family group or colony. The baby will be weaned for about 6 weeks and after that, the sub-adults beaver will help raising the baby or usually called as the young. The young becomes independence after 1.5 or 2 years. 
       Eurasian beavers become mature in 1.5-3 years old, for female and male. 
Eurasian beavers can live 10 until 17 years old but, commonly they live 7 until 8 years old in the wild. In captivity, they can live until 35 years.

The uniqueness of Eurasian beaver
        Eurasian beavers can build dams. How great it is! They usually collect many twigs or cut off some trees and use it's wood to build dams. If the branches or twigs are less available, they will use stones to build the dams.  Why do they build dams? They build dams for their protection from some predators. Also, the dams can control the flood and provide easy access to the foods during the winter season. These structures modify the natural environment in such a way and make some changes to this environment. That's why the beavers then called as a "Keystone Species". 
        Besides that, eurasian beavers construct some lodges for their home. They use the twigs from the trees and also stones and mud to construct their lodges. They build the lodge in a deep pond behind their dam. 

        Eurasian beavers have some unique physical appearance. They have two castoreum glands to produce a pungent which is called castoreum to mark the territories. Eurasian beavers' eyes have nictating membranes that is closed when they go under water. Inside thier mouth, there is a skin fold that allows them to gnaw branches in the water without letting the water get inside to their mouth. Eurasian beavers also have two large hard incisor teeth for gnawing branches, cutting the branches, and eating. 


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