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The Circus Dog and The Street Dog

      In a certain town, there was a company of circus performers. Many animals were trained in the circus to perform different acts. A Dog was trained to fight. The trained Dog would fight against a bigger and stronger animal like a lion or a bear. The audience cheered till one of the animals got wounded or even died.       The Dog was scared and did not want to fight the fierce animals. One day, he bit the collar around his neck.       Then, he ran out of the tent and through the streets.       The Dog was as strong as a bull, since he was well fed. So, the Street Dogs saw him and asked, “Dear friend, you look quite strong and healthy, why are you running away?”       The Dog replied sadly, “I get lots of good food to eat and have a comfortable life. However, I am forced to fight with lions and bears and risk my life in the ring.”      The other Dogs said to one another, “We may have little, but we are better-off because our lives are not in danger!…

Eurasian Beaver

Hi guys! I'm back with my new posting. In this posting, I'll tell and describe you about Eurasian beaver.

Eurasian beaver or European beaver is a species of beaver that live in Eurasia. It is a semi-aquatic species, that means Eurasian beavers don't live in the water, but sometimes they go into the water, such as streams, lake, ponds, and rivers to get some foods or another things that they need. Eurasian beavers also primarily nocturnal. They usually live in swamps. Below, is the classification of Eurasian Beaver:  Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ChordataClass:MammaliaOrder:RodentiaFamily:CastoridaeGenus:CastorSpecies:C. fibersource :
Life Cycle of Eurasian Beaver         Eurasian beavers are monogamous and only one pair of beaver breeds per colony. Eurasian beaver pairs breed once yearly. And the breeding season is from January to February. The gestation period of Eurasian beaver is about 60-128 days. Eurasian beavers live in a small fami…

Namsan Tower

Hello everyone! I'am back hehe...
Do you guys want to get some holiday? Of course! I also want to get a lot times to have a holiday. I am very tired of school tasks, homeworks, tests.. 😞 But, its okay you can do it! Hehe..
Because of that, maybe you want to know about some holiday destinations that probably, you can visit when you get a holiday time.
I will tell you about a holiday destination in Seoul, South Korea. This place is very unique and popular. Many korean dramas took the scene here. Do you know what is it?

Okay, The place that I want to tell you about is Namsan Tower. Namsan tower is actually a broadcasting and observatoring tower. But, until now, it is opened for public as a holiday destination or a tourist spot. Not only local tourist, international tourists also come to this place.
Namsan tower is very popular with it's love locks. Also, from Namsan tower, we can see the view of the whole Seoul city. Beside that, here we can take some photos in some unique spot…


Hello everyone, I'm back!
In this posting, I will tell you about Gathapraya 2017 ^0^

     Gathapraya is a cultural festival held by Senior High School 3 Bandung in 30th September 2017. This cultural festival took place in Bali field. This cultural festival was opened for public.
     Gathapraya. Gathapraya was taken from two words in Sanskrit, those are "Anagata" which means future and "Abhipraya" which means hope. In my point of view, this event was named "Gathapraya" because the committee and also all of us have many hopes for the future and also for the fate of Indonesian cultures. So, this event really supported the sustainability of Indonesian cultures. Gathapraya can be a right time to conserve Indonesian cultures in the middle of the modernity. This event also can introduce Indonesian cultures to many teenagers and visitors which came from many and various regions.
     Gathapraya was started at 12.00 pm, at the same time when the gate was opened f…


Hello Again!

     World Tournament is a english event held by OSIS. It is held in Saturday, a few weeks ago in Senior High School 3 Bandung.
     This event was using Pirates theme. So, every students in 10th grade who came to this event wore pirates clothes. Every classes had their captain. It was a unique event that the students could be creative and also use their innovation to make some decorative things related to Pirates theme. 
     Besides you can be more creative, you also can develop a good teamwork. This event also can be a good time for improve your english. You can be more confidence in using you english with your friends. 
     This event was started at 08.30. When the event started, all the participants gathered in the front of the school. There, all the participants received some instructions of this event or this game through the announcement form the king. All participants must follow the rules and instruction. As the name, "World Tournament", in this ev…

School Holiday's Plan

After school, Naura and I went to the canteen or usually known as Bazaar to had a lunch. But, we still confused about what food we wanted to eat. Then, we sat on the chair and we talked about our plan for school holiday.

Naura : "Kinan,.. Do you have some plan for school holiday?"
Kinanti : "Of course I have! I have many things that I want to do in school holiday."
Naura : "Me too! What's your plan, Kinan?"
Kinanti : "First, I want to sleep a lot. Because, now, I only sleep about 2 until 5 hours a day. Can you feel it? I always feel sleepy when I want to go to the school."
Naura : "Of course, I know your feel. Because, I also feel it ;-;. Oh ya, what's your second plan?"
Kinanti : "Second, I want to watch youtube and some music programs as much as I can. Because, I want to watch my favourite idols.  When I have to study, of course there is no time to watch them, and I feel so sad ;-;.. Third, I want to have a vacation trip to Si…

Someone's help that made a blessful moment for me

This moment was happened in 3 years ago. When I am in the 7th grade, I had a study tour to Yogyakarta. Honestly, in that time, I am still not an independently person. I still learned step by step about how to live independently. I was still learning about how to not always depend to my parents. So, in that time, I needed a big plan and of course a good plan about my study tour to Yogyakarta. Because, if I join the study tour, of course I had to learn to live independently without my parents. People who joined the study tour are only teachers and students.

     In Yogyakarta, students and also teachers lived in a hotel for about 3 days and 2 night. Each hotel's room can include about 3-4 persons. So, each students have their roomate. I have two roomates.

     Someday, My roomates and I wanted to eat noodles because we can cook it simply. We can just boil the water with the equipment that usually provided by the hotel. Then, we bought some noodles in the minimarket around the ho…