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In this post, I will tell you some about my inspiration. He is my favourite idol and also my inspiration. He motivated me so much.
He is a member of a South Korean boyband. Do you know, which boyband it is? This boyband is from a tv program, which called "Produce 101 Season 2". Yes, he is from Wanna One. He is Kang Daniel.

Kang Daniel was born in 10th December 1996, in Busan, South Korea. He is very inspiring me. Why? I am gonna to tell some about Kang Daniel.

First, Kang Daniel was a usual boy who get bullied when he is younger because of his looks. But then, he said to himself that although his looks is more ugly than the others', but his dance skill is better than their skill. He also said in a Sout Korean Tv shows, "But ultimately, the self-esteem derives from you. I thought to myself, 'I might be uglier than the others but I'm a better singer and dancer than them. I just need to do well on stage'. I increased my self-esteem like that."
It gives me a lesson to be confidence with my skills and although I have some weakness, I still can be better in another things and also I have to try hard to get the best result.

Second, Kang Daniel is a hard worker person. Since he is in Produce 101, he was trying and practicing hard. He is really good in B-Boying dance. He had been B-boying since junior high school and was the first B-boy in the rookie battle in the Busan scene.
 He was also trying hard so that until now, he not only can do rap and dance, but also vocal. He said that as an idol, he should can to all, such as vocal, rap, and dance. Because of his hardwork, he became the 1st winner of Produce 101 season 2. He is now the center of Wanna One. Until now, he have been stared in many tv shows, tv programs, and with Wanna One, he have won many awards in music, and another awards. He and Wanna One also have been the best rookie idol with total 1.01 million selling of their albums with only 101 days after debut. Wanna One has released 2 albums, 1-1 = 0 (Nothing Without You) and 1x1 = 1 (To Be One).
Here are another awards that Kang Daniel got a few times ago:
  • 2017 SBS Entertainment Awards: Rookie Award (Variety)
  • 2017 CJ E&M America : CJ Awards 2017 Male Idol of The Year 
  • 2017 Fashionista Awards : Rising Star

He is also got some other awards with Wanna One: 
• 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards : The Best Male Group
• 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards : The Best Rookie Idol
• 2017 Golden Disk Awards : New Rising Star (Best)
• 2017 Soribada Best K- Music Awards :New Korean Wave Rookie Award : Wanna One and Pentagon.
And many more awards that he and Wanna One got. With total 46 awards and nominations in just about 5 months. And for music programs, they have won about 23 times. 

Besides that, Kang Daniel is also a kind hearted person. He is very polite and kind to everyone. He never be arrogant although he is very popular in the international world. Sometimes he is an innocent man, but he is also cool and really charming. Kang Daniel also really kind to his mother. He bought some good stuffs for his mother. He is very caring and kindly. 

Kang Daniel is really inspiring me to be a good person. He is really motivating me. 

----------------------------Q U E S T I O N-------------------------------------------------
1. What is the name of boyband/boygroup which Kang Daniel join now?
a. EXO
b. Wanna One
c. Pentagon
d. Seventeen
e. Golden Child

2. Where and When was Kang Daniel born?
a. Busan, 21 December 1996
b. Seoul, 10 December 1996
c. Busan, 10 December 1996
d. Canada, 10 December 1996
e. Bandung, 11 nOVEMBER 1996

3. What have he been doing since junior high school?
a. Traditional dance
b. B-Boying 
c. Composing songs
d. Playing piano
e. Stared in some TV shows

I have some photos and info about Kang Daniel from these links: 


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