Namsan Tower

Hello everyone! I'am back hehe...
Do you guys want to get some holiday? Of course! I also want to get a lot times to have a holiday. I am very tired of school tasks, homeworks, tests.. 😞 But, its okay you can do it! Hehe..
Because of that, maybe you want to know about some holiday destinations that probably, you can visit when you get a holiday time.
I will tell you about a holiday destination in Seoul, South Korea. This place is very unique and popular. Many korean dramas took the scene here. Do you know what is it?
Okay, The place that I want to tell you about is Namsan Tower. Namsan tower is actually a broadcasting and observatoring tower. But, until now, it is opened for public as a holiday destination or a tourist spot. Not only local tourist, international tourists also come to this place.
Namsan tower is very popular with it's love locks. Also, from Namsan tower, we can see the view of the whole Seoul city. Beside that, here we can take some photos in some unique spots. You can spend your holiday time and visit this place with your family or friends.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I also promote Namsan Tower in youtube. Check it out!

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