Hello everyone, I'm back!
In this posting, I will tell you about Gathapraya 2017 ^0^

     Gathapraya is a cultural festival held by Senior High School 3 Bandung in 30th September 2017. This cultural festival took place in Bali field. This cultural festival was opened for public.
     Gathapraya. Gathapraya was taken from two words in Sanskrit, those are "Anagata" which means future and "Abhipraya" which means hope. In my point of view, this event was named "Gathapraya" because the committee and also all of us have many hopes for the future and also for the fate of Indonesian cultures. So, this event really supported the sustainability of Indonesian cultures. Gathapraya can be a right time to conserve Indonesian cultures in the middle of the modernity. This event also can introduce Indonesian cultures to many teenagers and visitors which came from many and various regions.
     Gathapraya was started at 12.00 pm, at the same time when the gate was opened for the visitors. 
First, I will tell you about the foods and drinks 🍔🍧🍺.
In Gathapraya, there were many food stands also food trucks. Start from snacks up to heavy meal. We can found many delicious foods, such as Mac and cheese, grilled squid, french fries, cilok, churros, chicken snacks, tahu pletok, banana nuggets, burger, hotdog, etc. And you didn't need to be afraid that you will be thirsty or dehidrated. Here also available some delicious drinks, such as bubble tea, teh poci, fresh juice, coffee, and milk. So, In Gathapraya you didn't need to be afraid that you will get hungry or thirsty.
     Ok, now I'm gonna tell you about another facilities and some cultural stands. Besides food and drink stands, here, we can also find some cultural stands and workshops. There were some cultural workshops, such as street art workshop, also pottery and face painting workshop, also batik workshop. Besides that, there were also cultural stands, such as traditional games, gamelan, and traditional clothes of Indonesia stands. You didn't need to be afraid if you wanted to go to the toilet, because there was provided some toilets for the visitors. Musholla also available there for all moslem who wanted to pray.
     And now, I will tell you about some performances in Gathapraya. Do you feel curious with "who's the entertainer that came to Gathapraya?" or "What performances was presented?" hehehe...
In Gathapraya, there were many special and unique performances. Such as traditional and modern dance, folk songs performance, band, angklung and gamelan performance, classical music, theater, also sand painting. Those performances were performed by T'ST, KPA3, MK3, LSS3, KV3, BAND3, ELEVOICE, DRIZZLING, WADOOH Band, OSD ITB, Giri Harja, Soul Ethnic Percussion, Vina Candrawati, Didik Nini Thowok, Elephant Kind, HiVi, and also Nidji. It would be a great event with such many special performers!
     Gathapraya was ended around 11.00 pm/night. It was a great and exciting event!


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