Someone's help that made a blessful moment for me

      This moment was happened in 3 years ago. When I am in the 7th grade, I had a study tour to Yogyakarta. Honestly, in that time, I am still not an independently person. I still learned step by step about how to live independently. I was still learning about how to not always depend to my parents. So, in that time, I needed a big plan and of course a good plan about my study tour to Yogyakarta. Because, if I join the study tour, of course I had to learn to live independently without my parents. People who joined the study tour are only teachers and students.

     In Yogyakarta, students and also teachers lived in a hotel for about 3 days and 2 night. Each hotel's room can include about 3-4 persons. So, each students have their roomate. I have two roomates.

     Someday, My roomates and I wanted to eat noodles because we can cook it simply. We can just boil the water with the equipment that usually provided by the hotel. Then, we bought some noodles in the minimarket around the hotel. When we has arrived to the hotel again, we cooked those noodles. 
     We cooked it one by one because the equipment for boiling the water is only one. My roomates cooked the noodles before me. And then, after that, I cooked my noodle. After finished boiling the water, My roomates and I ate our noodles. 
     But, when I ate my noodle, I was not careful enough. So, when I put my noodle, of course it used a cup on the table in my room, the noodle fell down. It was made me panic. Because, I was hungry and that time, I only had 1 noodle and it was fell down. Of course it was make me so sad and dissapointed. I dont know what should I do now and I felt very sad until I was crying. But, my roomates was very kind to me. They helped me to clean up the noodle that has fell down. They also pacified me to not crying again. They made me not crying again. 
     I am so thankful for them. They are persons who helped me when I had problems. They made me not sad again and they also made me to face the problems with the right steps and how to always be calm when we face the problems.
     I am very thankful for them. Because of their helps, now I have a blessful moment that cannot be forgetted.


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