School Holiday's Plan

After school, Naura and I went to the canteen or usually known as Bazaar to had a lunch. But, we still confused about what food we wanted to eat. Then, we sat on the chair and we talked about our plan for school holiday.

Naura : "Kinan,.. Do you have some plan for school holiday?"
Kinanti : "Of course I have! I have many things that I want to do in school holiday."
Naura : "Me too! What's your plan, Kinan?"
Kinanti : "First, I want to sleep a lot. Because, now, I only sleep about 2 until 5 hours a day. Can you feel it? I always feel sleepy when I want to go to the school."
Naura : "Of course, I know your feel. Because, I also feel it ;-;. Oh ya, what's your second plan?"
Kinanti : "Second, I want to watch youtube and some music programs as much as I can. Because, I want to watch my favourite idols.  When I have to study, of course there is no time to watch them, and I feel so sad ;-;.. Third, I want to have a vacation trip to Singapore. I want to refresh my mind.
And, fourth, I want to have a culinary trip. I want to eat what I like, also I want to discover and try some new foods that I never tried before."
Naura : "Wow, Those plans are great! Do you have another plans?"
Kinanti : "Yes, I have two more plans. I want to meet up with my friends, because I miss them so badly and Last, I want to join a piano courses. I want to have a skill in music, especially, Piano.  Also, my friend told me that with learning music, we can be more focus when we learn or study. So, that makes me more interest in learning music."
Naura : "Wah..You have a lot plans to do in the school holiday. I also have many things that I want to do in school holiday."
Kinanti : "Really? What is that?"
Naura : "First, I want to leave my routine. I want to run away from Bandung and have a vacation with my bestfriend or my family in Yogyakarta. There, I want to visit Parangtritis Beach and also I want tp have a culinary trip."
Kinanti : "That's a good plan! We should refresh our mind. What else will you do in school vacation, Nau?"
Naura : "Second, I want to sleep all day but, I won't forget to eat and get prayer. Third, I want to spend my holiday with my bestfriends and I want to celebrate my birthday with them. Because now,  My bestfriends and I in a long distance relationship, hahaha..., And last, I want to study hard beacuse I want to improve my knowledge."
Kinanti : "Wow.. Your holiday must be a blissful holiday."
Naura : "I hope so. Oh ya, by the way, What are we going to eat now?"
Kinanti : "Oh ya! I must be forget about that, haha.."


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