My New Schoolmate

In my first day at my new school, I am a liitle bit shy because it was my first time in my new school, that means that I have to find new friends and adapt with the new environment. It was my problem when I entry a new school.
When I went to the hall to join the Technical meeting of PLiST, I met someone that I never met before. Then, I tried to talk and introduce my self to her.

Me :"Hi! What's your name?"
Naura :"Oh, Hello! I am Naura, and Who are you?"
Me :"My name is Kinanti, you can call me Kinan."
Naura :"Hi Kinan! Nice to meet you. Are you going to the Hall ,too?"
Me :"Yes, I am going to join the Technical meeting of PLiST."
Naura :"Me too! Let's go there! We need to hurry because the Technical meeting is going to start."

Then, we went to the Hall. In the Hall, we sit on the floor and evidently, the Technical meeting hasn't started yet. So, we can introduce and talk to each other.

Me :"Oh ya, Naura, What junior high school do you come from?"
Naura :"I come from SMPN 1 Bandung. How about you?"
Me :" I come from SMPN 2 Bandung. It's near from here, hehe."
Naura :"Ohh... ya, it's near from here. By the way, where do you live ,Kinan?"
Me :"I live at Terusan Buah Batu street. How about you Naura?"
Naura :"I live in Lembang, Bandung Barat."
Me :"Wow! That is very far! Maybe I can visit you when I have a vacation trip to Lembang, hehe."
Naura :"Of course! I will be happy if you come. Oh ya, My grandmother's house is at Terusan Buah Batu street too. Do you know GG.Sekelimus?"
Me :"Ohh.. yes I know it. That is near to my house, maybe I can visit your grandma'/ house, then we can meet up there, hehe.."
Naura :"Sure! My grandma will be happy. Btw Kin, what is your hobby? My hobby is reading a novel."
Me :"Actually, my hobby is listening to music, but sometimes I like reading novel too."
Naura :"Oh ya? Wow.. Who is your favourite author? My favourite author is Tere Liye."
Me :"Wow.. Me too! My favourite authors are Tere Liye and Risa Saraswati."
Naura :"Great! We can discuss each other about novel that we read. Oh ya, The Technical meeting is going to start. We need to get ready."

Then, We follow the Technical meeting with so excited.


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